About the Blockhain Loyalty Cashback Program Platform for Africa

About Us

Changing the way we engage in commerce...

...For the greater good.

Our business ideology

Purchasing decisions are driven by unconscious urges, namely emotion. Through our loyalty rewards program, utilising blockchain and mobile technology, UKa$ii aims to forge a common bond between consumers and business, where each receives real and additional value, while also knowing they are contributing to a greater good through a butterfly effect. We are committed to supporting social projects and initiatives that our customers care about.

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The world does revolve around you

It’s been said that when a butterfly flaps its wings, it can cause a typhoon halfway around the world. That is the power of something as small, beautiful and delicate as a butterfly. Seemingly small actions can have much greater effects. Similarly, the UKa$ii Loyalty Rewards and Marketing Platform being built on blockchain, will provide value far greater than “cash back” and partner benefits, regardless of the level of expenditure. No matter how small the spend by a UKa$ii customer, the benefits will be felt by many, far and wide.

By using the UKa$ii blockchain loyalty rewards program and marketing platform, consumers and merchants will be contributing and having a direct impact on the development of their region.

UKa$ii users and merchants will be able to nominate causes as well as track the progress of UKa$ii CSR projects, updates of which will be provided via push notification to the UKa$ii mobile app, partner portal and on this website.

Who we are

Meet our team.

Mustafa Ozalcin, Founder.

Mustafa Ozalcin

Chinelo Obidigbo, Legal Adviosr.
Legal Advisor

Chinelo Obidigbo

Rob Prophet, Lead Advisor.
Lead Advisor

Rob Prophet

Omer T. Zaim, Technology advisor.
Technology Advisor

Ömer T. Zaim

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Loyalty Program Advisor.
Loyalty Advisor

Ravindra Bhagwanani