The Best Blockhain Loyalty Cashback Program Platform for Africa

Loyalty Rewards and Marketing Platform


UKa$ii is a Technology and a Lifestyle Brand

UKa$ii is a loyalty rewards program and marketing platform, being built on blockchain.

UKa$ii is stepping outside the boundaries, allowing you to successfully reach and engage directly with consumers who want to, when they want you to, helping you greatly reduce marketing and advertising spend.

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Completely Mobile

UKa$ii (You-kashee) is a completely mobile, blockchain based Rewards Program and Loyalty Marketing Platform.

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Inherently Simple

UKa$ii allows members to earn “cash” for cash spent in the form of rewards currency called Ka$ii (Kashee).

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Mobile Payments

Fast payments via mobile phone at the swipe of a QR Code, allowing for swift in store transactions.

Crypto Tokens

Utility Token

Members can earn Ka$ii at one business and spend it at another, allowing for a greater program customer base.

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Personal Offers

With UKa$ii, merchants will be able to target members to provide genuinely relevant offers and benefits at the time the member wants.

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Social Responsibility

A key pillar of UKa$ii global culture, vision and mission is to invest and give back to communities which it serves.​

Partner Benefits

The UKa$ii blockchain loyalty program and marketing platform, provides a number of benefits for merchants.

Increased Customer Reach

The UKa$ii Marketing Platform will provide access to a larger potential customer base via its network effect, culminating from the generous earning incentives for customers.

Larger Partner Network

UKa$ii Partners will become part of a larger local, regional and potentially global partner network, without the need for working on bilateral agreements.

Enhanced Customer Experience

From paying for products and services quickly and seamlessly with their mobile phones, to providing timely and relevant personal offers, UKa$ii will allow you to shape your customers' experience with your brand.

Member Benefits

Location Based Currency

No matter where they are in the world, members will see their Ka$ii in local currency via the UKa$ii app. So if they have earned N10,000 Ka$ii in Lagos, this will appear as the equivalent in ZAR if they travel to South Africa.

Increased Income

Members will earn “cash-back” rewards for spending cash, thus UKa$ii will facilitate wealth through credit growth.


Member Personally Identifiable Data will remain private. Members will decide if they wish to reveal more about themselves to your brand, in return for additional benefits.

At Work Like at Play

Cross Promotional Partnerships Made Easy

Finding the right partner with a compatible brand is essential if you want to implement cross-promotions into your marketing efforts.

Partnerships at your fingertips

Real time campaigns

Data Analytics